15  December 2016: Prof. Guido Kickelbick presents "Angel in a gold rush", this year's Christmas lecture in the fully occupied Chemistry auditorium

1 December 2016: Charlotte Heinrich successfully defends her doctoral thesis on "Isotropic and anisotropic surface modifications of oxidic nanoparticles with ionic functionalities“

6-11 November 2016: Prof. Guido Kickelbick is invited speaker at the Sino-German Symposium “Precursor derived ceramics and advanced hybrid materials” in Freiberg, Sachsen

1 November 2016: Establishment of an Emmy Noether Junior Research Group
Dr. André Schäfer receives an Emmy Noether-Founding from the German Research Foundation to establish an independente junior research group in the field of Main Group Organometallic Chemistry.press reportCampus Web-Magazine
press report
Campus web-magazine

26 October 2016:
Prof. Guido Kickelbick is elected first Dean of the newly founded Faculty of Science and Technology

4 October 2016: Thomas Klein starts his doctoral thesis in the field of „wet-chemical production of 
highly-reactive metallic nanoparticles“

October 2016: Our working group moves into the newly renovated laboratories in building C4 1 on the campus

9 Juli 2016: experimental lecture by Prof. Guido Kickelbick and Andreas Adolf at this year's Open Day on "Chemistry of the Light"

2 June 2016: lecture of Prof. Guido Kickelbick at the MINT-Days for schools on the campus on „From Fire to OLED – Chemistry and Physics of Light Generation“

1 May 2016: Nils Steinbrück starts his doctoral thesis on "New hybrid materials for rare-earth-reduced LEDs“

1 May 2016: New hybrid materials for rare-earth-reduced LEDs

In a new project financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) our working group is looking for ways to reduce rare earths in LEDs in cooperation with industrial partners (OSRAM GmbH, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH and BASF  SE). The University's part is to develop new inorganic-organic hybrid materials to stabilize the rare-earth-reduced LEDs. Information on the so-called "ORCA"-project can be found on the project homepage (http://www.matressource.de/projekte/orca/).

1 March 2016: Dennis Becker starts his doctoral thesis on „Generation of solid state ionic conductors by reactive milling"


10.11.-15.11.2015: Sino-German Symposium on Design, Processing and Application of Advanced Ceramic Materials
Prof. Kickelbick is guest speaker on the first Sino-German Symposium on Advanced Ceramic Materials at Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics.

Kristina Brix starts doctoral thesis on „Characterization of Ca-Bentonite as geotechnical barrier in a nuclear waste repository“

Sascha Verwaayen starts Master thesis in the working group on condensation reactions of phosphonates

30.10.2015: Doctorate awarded to Tom Engel

20.10.2015: Opening ceremony of a new course of study: BachelorPlus MINT

The opening of the new course of study BachelorPlus MINT was celebrated in the University's Graduate Center. This new course of study offers a two-semester orientation phase providing an insight to all the science subjects for the students to facilitate their decision for one MINT Bachelor degree program. Our institute participated in designing the concept of this program honored by the "Studienstiftung" .

Nathalie Kunkel awarded University's Eduard-Martin-Prize

Opening event for the new students of the Master degree course Materials Chemistry

Prof. Kickelbick guest speaker on the autumn meeting of the Center for Interdisciplinary Nanostructure Science and Technology at the University of Kassel

Summer School Materials Science and Chemistry in cooperation with the East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) in the University's Graduate Center

Starting a cooperation with the ECUST, a Summer School on chemistry and materials science was held together with the working group of Prof. Springborg (Physical Chemistry). In total, 16 lecturers and students of the ECUST and 20 professors and PhD students of the UdS participated in this event.

Formal presentation of Master thesis  "Characterization of the leaching behavior of portland cement concrete"
by Lise Boulard at the "École européenne de chimie, polymères et matériaux (ECPM)" in Strasbourg

Kickoff-Meeting of the joint project  GRaZ (Geochemische Radionuklidrückhaltung an Zementalterationsphasen) at HZDR (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf), UdS-project presented by Dr. Kautenburger

Achim Koch starts his doctoral thesis on „
Anionic ring-opening polymerization of cyclosiloxanes on the surface of metaloxide nanoparticles"

24./25.09.2015: New Energies. The Future of Energy at the Interface of Technology, Culture, and Society.Interdisciplinary Workshop for PhD Students of the Greater Region

Several members of the working group and Prof. Kickelbick take an active part on this workshop dealing with the efficiency of resources, the synthesis and the durability of materials.

Within the lecture program "Rent-a-Prof", Prof. Kickelbick speaks on "Let there be light" at the "Marie-Luise-Kaschnitz-Gymnasium" Völklingen

Start of the joint project GRaZ (Geochemische Radionuklidrückhaltung an Zementalterationsphasen) with the contribution of the University in the partial project D: „Investigation of cement- and clay-corrosion-products and their influence on the retention of radioactive substances“ (BMWi-project 02E11415D, term until 31.08.2018)

Nadja Klippel starts doctoral thesis on „F
luorescent inorganic-organic hybrid nanoparticles for application in nanocomposites"

Christina Odenwald
starts doctoral thesis on „The Microjet-method as a production tool for nanoparticulated materials“

Juli 2015:
Nicole Bauer, Laura Jochum and Michelle Arweiler start their Bachelor theses in the working group

10.07.2015: Doctorate awarded to Nina Zahn

04.07.2015: Open Day:

Prof. Kickelbick speaks on "Independence Day: well-known products and discorveries, unknown scientists and inventors from the US"

Lise Boulard starts her Master thesis in the repository research project in the French-German  course of study in

Dennis Becker starts his Master thesis on battery materials

Concluding Talk of Dr. Kautenburger on the UdS partial project of the BMWi joint project "Retention of radionuclides relevant for radioactive waste repositories in natural clay and salinary systems" at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz

Workshop; Solid state-NMR spectroscopy as a
characterization tool of materials in cooperation with the SYCMA-PhD-program. Lecture by Dr. Thierry Azaïs of the "Laboratoire Chimie de la Matière Condensée de Paris, Collège de France".

Prof. Kickelbick speaks on "Self-healing materials" at the "Bundestagung Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftlicher Unterricht" in Saarbrücken

Guest lecturer: Prof. Devon Shipp, Clarkson University (Potsdam, USA)

Dr. André Schäfer starts his habilitation in the working group as junior scientist and "Akademischer Rat auf Zeit"

Nathalie Kunkel awarded Wilhelm-Klemm-Prize of the University of Münster

Poster-presentations of  Dr. Christina Hein and MSc Ramona Hahn and talk of Dr. Kautenburger at the EWCPS 2015 (European Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry with over 700 participants of 45 countries) at the University of Münster

Prof. Kickelbick speaks on "Scratches on my cell-phone: How can I prevent them?" at the University's "Kinderuni"

GDCh-lecture of Prof. Kickelbick at the University of Chemnitz on „Chemical design of inorganic-organic interfaces“

Night of the Profs
Joint party of AStA, UdS and radio channel 103.7 UnserDing: Prof. Kickelbick and other professors are DJing

Dennis Meier starts his doctoral thesis on „N
ew encapsulation materials for high energy LEDs (light emitting diodes)



Joint Christmas party of the Inorganic working groups

Nathalie Kunkel awarded University's "Elisabeth and Dr. Horst-Dietrich Hardt-Prize" 

Prof. Kickelbick elected Vice Dean of the Scientific-Technical Faculty III

MSc. Ramona Hahn speaks on "Influence of ionic strength on the complexation and sorption in the system metal (Eu(III) und U(VI)) - humic acid – opalinus clay“ for the UdS partial project during the 7. workshop of the  BMWi-joint project


Organisation of the 7. Workshop of the BMWi joint project
"Retention of radionuclides relevant for radioactive waste repositories in natural clay and salinary systems" at the UdS

Prof. Kickelbick speaker at the  5. Sol-Gel Symposium of the "Technische Akademie Wuppertal

24.-26.09.2014: 17. Symposium of the  "Wöhler-Vereinigung für Anorganische Chemie" in Saarbrücken

The Wöhler-Symposium with the highest number of participants so far takes place at the UdS organized by the Inorganic Chemistry Department. The latest trends in main-group and complex chemistry as well as solid-state and materials chemistry for basic research and industrial application are presented in lectures and posters by scientists from Germany and the neighbouring countries

16.-19.09.2014: 40th Anniversary Symposium of the"Gesellschaft für Thermische Analyse"
Prof. Kickelbick is lecturer at one of the workshops on the application of thermal anlysis methods on hybrid materials.

08.09.2014: Doctorate awarded to Annika Betke

Martin Geiger starts his Master thesis on ICP-MS analysis of dialytic solutions in cooperation with Fresenius Medical Care Deutschland GmbH

Prof. Michel Wong Chi Man Institut Charles Gerhardt Montpellier (ICGM), Equipe Architectures Moléculaires et Matériaux Nanostructurés, is guest lecturer

Symposium of the Graduate School SYCMA („Synthese und Charakterisierung von Materialien und Werkstoffen“) on "Modern Materials"

05.07.2014: Open Day:
Prof. Kickelbick speaks on „The universe on DIN A4 - an experimental journey through the periodic table"

04.07.2014: Doctorate awarded to Patrick Wenderoth

Extension for 15months and increase for the BMWi-project for repository research until 30.09.2015

Kerstin Keßler-Neufang starts her Bachelor thesis on apatite compounds

Ramona Hahn starts her Master thesis on "Analysis of the metal complexation of Europium and Uranium with organic complex ligands by dialysis and ultrafiltration" in the repository research BMWi-project

Prof. Kickelbick speaker at the E-MRS Spring Meeting in Lille in the section „Hybrid materials engineering in biology, chemistry and physics“

25.05.2014: Doctorate awarded to Nathalie Kunkel

Prof. Kickelbick speaker at the 3rd International Symposium on Controlled/Living Polymerization: From Synthesis to Applications, CLP’14 in Belek, Turkey


Concluding talk of Dr. Kautenburger on the UdS partial project of the BMWi joint project "Retention of radionuclides relevant for radioactive waste repositories in natural clay and salinary systems" at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz

Sandra Schäfer starts her doctoral thesis on „Self-healing nanocomposites“

14.02.2014: Doctorate awarded to Christian Reichert

Dennis Becker starts his Bachelor thesis on apatite compounds


01.11.2013: New project on the exploitation of fly-ash
A new industry-oriented project on the exploitation of fly-ash from incineration plants has been started

28.10.2013: Eduard Martin - Prize 2011/2012 awarded to Dr. Oliver Clemens
The Eduard Martin - Prize 2011/2012 is awarded to staff member Oliver Clemens for his dissertation on "Synthesis and Characterization of Lithium-containing transition metal phosphates and vanadates and their series of mixed crystals". This prize is awarded every year to the best PhD students of the different faculties of Saarland University.

Jessica Bauer starts thesis on "Comparison of synthesis and properties of potential battery materials on the basis of Na- and Li-ionic conductors"

9. July 2013: Better Materials for LED Packaging
LEDs are embedded into transparent polymer materials. A new industry-oriented research programme deals with the improvement of these materials regarding adhesion and transparency.

30.05.2013: Guido Kickelbick joins editorial board of Inorganics
Inorganics is an open access journal publishing articles from all fields of inorganic chemistry and imposing a strict peer-review code (

01.03.2013: Dr. Kai Abersfelder new staff member at INM
In the framework of Prof. Guido Kickelbicks INM fellowship, Dr. Kai Abersfelder starts a project on "Production and self-assembly of Janus-nanoparticles" at the INM.