MA Abdurrahman Irscheid

Masters's Thesis Abdurrahman Irscheid, 2017

Beiträge zur Modellbildung, zum Steuerungs- und zum Reglerentwurf für eine an Seilen aufgehängte Last unter Verwendung verteiltparametrischer Modelle


This work investigates systems consisting of a load, which is supported by heavy ropes. First of all, the equations of motion of a single rope with a point mass are derived. The resulting nonlinear distributed-parameter model is then linearized at a steady-state operating point. After that, a modal approximation of the linear system is derived, which will be used for simulating the behaviour of a heavy rope. Following this, a rigid body carried by multiple heavy ropes is modelled. The flatness of the model is examined afterwards. A flatness based open-loop control design is carried out on the example of the linearized infinite-dimensional model of two heavy ropes suspending a rod. Finally, a trajectory tracking controller is derived by using the modal approximation of the system. Both the open-loop and the closed-loop controller are validated in simulations.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. J. Rudolph
Dipl.-Ing. Daniel Gerbet