Machine Learning for Inverse Problems - WS22/23

Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Thomas Schuster

Time and Location: Tuesday 12-14 in HS IV, Thursday 12-14 in SR 6
Start: Tuesday, 25.10.2022

Please register for the lecture by Monday, 24 October 2022. Please do so at your earliest convenience such that we are able to plan lecture and tutorials appropriately.

Please register via email by meiser[at]!

Criteria for exam admission

To be announced.


Tutorial dates will be announced.


Oral exam.

Lecture slides

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We recommend to consider the following literature joined with the lecture:

Office hours

Clemens Meiser: Tuesday 10 - 11, please write an email 

Thomas Schuster:  Tuesday 11 - 12 preferred, please write an email 

Any questions?

What are inverse problems? What are examples for inverse problems? Please visit our Research site.

Further questions (esp. concerning the lecture itself)? Please ask Clemens Meiser, who is responsible for that.