Application deadlines

Application dates also vary from subject to subject. For Master's programmes that begin in the winter semester, the deadline for application is typically between mid-July and the end of September; for programmes commencing in the summer, applications must be submitted between mid-January and the end of March. Please note however, that a number of Master's programmes have significantly different application periods. In some cases, it is also possible to apply to join the programme even shortly before the programme is due to start.

Where to apply

Students can apply for admission to most of the Master's degree programmes at Saarland University by submitting their application via the online application portal that can be accessed via the university's website. However, there are some Master's programmes for which applications must be submitted directly to the relevant department or to the appropriate examination office. Please enquire at an early stage about the application procedures specific to your chosen programme.

Online application

In order to be able to apply for admission to Saarland University via the online application portal you will need to provide the following information: information about your academic history and qualifications and, if appropriate, any study-abroad period or academic qualifications acquired in another country; any professional and/or any practically relevant experience; information about your school leaving certificate (higher education entrance qualification). Please note that the online application portal can only be accessed during the relevant application periods.

International applicants

International applicants wishing to study for a Master's degree at Saarland University will generally undergo the same application process as German applicants but possibly with different application deadlines. Details about any differences in the application procedures are available on the relevant web pages for your chosen degree programme.

Information about course starting dates, application deadlines and application procedures can be found on the relevant web pages for your chosen degree programme. For more information, please visit the Central Student Advisory Service.