Saarland University is home to high-calibre internationally recognized research. The university's success in the national Excellence Initiative, extensive funding from the German Research Foundation (DFG) and international collaborations in nearly all areas of research are all proof of the quality of the research work being conducted at Saarland University. Postgraduate students will experience a lively and stimulating research environment in which scholars and scientists from around the world are working together on cutting-edge projects relevant to tomorrow's world.

Saarland University has the ideal infrastructure for students planning to continue with research after obtaining their Master's qualification. Doctoral students at Saarland University benefit from a rich network of high-quality research establishments. In addition to a number of independent research institutes, which maintain very close research ties with the university and some of which were spun out from earlier university research work, there are also collaborative research centres, research training centres, research groups as well as numerous programmes and initiatives designed to encourage and support young research scholars and scientists.

Innovative research projects are being conducted in practically every department. Saarland University has established a particular reputation for research in the following three core research areas:

  • Computer science
  • NanoBioMed − Life and Materials
  • Europe