Modern businesses, organizations and professional associations need an inward and outward communications strategy that establishes trust, creates transparency and provides information effectively and efficiently in times of crisis. Being able to communicate effectively is also a key factor in achieving personal career success.

Communicative competence is more than just the ability to speak. Although not an innate skill, it is one that we can learn. Through reflection and practice, we can acquire an understanding of how it functions, of the rules that apply and the instruments that are used. Areas covered include the ability to understand and compile texts, discussing the fundamental rhetorical principles, appreciating the structure and composition of the rhetorical devices that underlie persuasive strategies, and learning to become a confident user of social media.

The programme 'Business Communication and Rhetoric' aims to give participants a broad understanding of communication processes as used within and between institutions and organizations and in the media – both nationally and internationally and in the economic, political and cultural domains. Students will acquire the skills needed to analyse the causes, motives and processes of communication, to critically assess them and to develop concepts on how to optimize them. Participants will also be encouraged to improve their own professional communicative competence and to learn and use important rhetorical skills.

For more information please go to: Zentrum für Fernstudien und Universitäre Weiterbildung at the University of Koblenz-Landau).

Course of study Business Communication and Rhetoric
Type of programme Part-time conversion Master's programme
Accreditation System accredited by the Accreditation Council
Language of instruction German
Standard period of study 5 semesters in part-time
Degree qualification Master of Arts (M.A.)
Start of programme Winter semester
Tuition fees Costs and financial aid
Further information Master's programme web site