The Master's program is divided into two parts: a nine-month study program over two semesters, followed by a three-month period for the drafting of the Master's thesis. The program can be completed entirely in English, entirely in German or in a combination of these. The courses are held in German or in English, and students are assessed by lecturers pursuant to the courses; mostly either in a written or an oral exam.

A specific number of credit points will be awarded for the completion of almost all of the courses. A total of 45 credit points minimum must be attained during the course of the study program. 15 additional credit points are awarded after the completion and approval of the Master's thesis. Three-quarters of the final mark therefore comprises the marks achieved during the study program, whilst the remaining quarter is composed of the mark awarded for the Master's thesis.

The program offers five specialization study units, and aims to provide students with great freedom of choice with regard to which courses they wish to attend and complete. The course plan is designed to allow for a choice of courses and lectures unbound by specific specializations, permitting students to freely choose and compose their LL.M. subjects according to their own wishes and interests within European and international law.

Our postgraduate study program offers the following modules:
  • Module 1: Europäische Integration/European Integration (in German and English)
  • Module 2: Study Unit Europäisches Wirtschaftsrecht/European Economic Law (in German and English)
  • Module 3: Study Unit Außenwirtschaft und Investitionsrecht/Foreign Trade and Investment (in English)
  • Module 4: Study Unit International Dispute Resolution (in English)
  • Module 5: Study Unit Europäischer und Internationaler Menschenrechtsschutz/​European and International Protection of Human Rights (in German and English)

The special study units enable students to specialize in a certain area of law at an early stage in order to streamline their career aims in a market with continuously increasing niches.

The specialized courses can only be begun in the winter semester, as they span two semesters. On successful completion of one of these units, i.e. by gaining a minimum of 12 credit points on courses of a particular unit, the area of specialization will be displayed separately on the Master's certificate. From the areas of specialization, a maximum of two may be chosen.