This innovative international postgraduate Master's programme enables French-speaking students to participate in a course of study that is perfectly tailored to their existing higher education qualifications and their proficiency in German. Participants can either study for two years or can join the programme in the second year. Students are individually assigned to a group that matches their language proficiency.

The programme has been designed to teach students about German law at a level that goes significantly beyond what they learned in their first degree or in the first year of a Master's degree. The topics addressed are the fundamental areas of German public law and civil law covered in the first four years of a full German law degree. The programme is designed to provide students with an academically sound understanding of core legal concepts, to teach them the appropriate legal terminology and methodological approaches and to allow them to develop the skills needed for independent academic study and analysis.

Course of study German Law for French-Speaking Students
Type of programme Binational consecutive Master's degree programme
Accreditation Quality assurance system accredited by the Accreditation Council
Standard period of study 2 or 4 semesters
Degree qualification Master of Laws (LL.M.) awarded by Saarland University and Master's degree awarded by the partner university
Languages of instruction German and French
German language requirements None
Start of programme Winter semester
Restricted entry Yes
Application deadline 15.07.2020 for winter semester 2020/21
Where to apply Centre Juridique Franco-Allemand
Tuition fees €600 per semester
Study counselling Central Student Advisory Service
Course adviser Contact the course adviser
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