Students on the M.A. programme "General and Comparative Literature Studies" are experts in transcending linguistic and cultural boundaries. By studying and analysing texts and other cultural artefacts and by contextualizing them within broader categories, students will learn to transcend temporal, linguistic, geographical, cultural and media boundaries. They will also compare and contrast literatures, cultures and a variety of media and will become familiar with literary and aesthetic issues from both a historical perspective and a contemporary standpoint.

Saarland University offers an excellent environment in which to undertake general and comparative literature studies. Saarbrücken's location close to Germany's borders with France and Luxembourg encourages language learning and makes it easy for students to follow at close hand the cultural and literary developments in neighbouring countries. The department, which has established links throughout Europe while maintaining a strong global outlook, offers students on the Master's programme excellent study-abroad opportunities.

Graduates from the "General and Comparative Literature Studies" programme typically have good communicative and rhetorical skills in several languages and are confident in dealing with complex intercultural issues. They are highly sought-after in the media sector, in cultural and arts organizations, in publishing and in press and public relations. Graduates from the Saarbrücken M.A. programme have also taken up positions in academia, politics, business and commerce and in the adult education sector.

Praktikum bei einem neuseeländischen Radiosender

Carolin Cullmann absolviert den Master Allgemeine und Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft an der Saar-Uni. Eigentlich wollte sie mit einem Praktikum nur ihren Lebenslauf etwas aufbessern – und landete bei einem Radiosender in Neuseeland. Dort war sie nicht etwa für das Kaffeekochen oder Kopieren zuständig: Vom ersten Tag an moderierte sie selbst im Radio und hatte nach zwei Wochen bereits ihre eigene, vierstündige Radiosendung. Dafür musste sie sich lokale, regionale und überregionale Themen suchen, daraus Nachrichten verfassen und diese dann "on air" präsentieren. [mehr...]

Course of study General and Comparative Literature Studies
Type of programme Consecutive Master's degree programme
Accreditation Quality assurance system accredited by the Accreditation Council
Can be studied as Main or subsidiary subject in a dual-subject programme
Possible combinations Subject combinations (in German)
Language of instruction German
German language requirements GER: C1, TestDaF: 4, DSH: 2
Standard period of study 4 semesters
Degree qualification Master of Arts (M.A.)
Start of programme Winter semester (recommended) or summer semester
Restricted entry No
Application deadline 29.02.2020 for summer semester 2020
For applicants without proof of German language proficiency: 15.01.2020
Where to apply Online application portal (in German)
Tuition fees Not applicable
Semester fee See current fee structure
Study counselling Central Student Advisory Service
Course advisers Contact the course adviser
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