The programme 'Italian Language and Culture', which can be studied as the subsidiary (minor) subject in a dual-subject Master's degree programme, aims to provide students with a deeper understanding of the Italian language and offers a comprehensive overview of Italian linguistics, and Italian literary and cultural studies. Students will learn to compare the Italian language and culture with other cultures in Europe using established academic methodologies. The subject area 'Italian Language and Culture' is a particularly good choice for students whose main subject of study is another national language or is in the field of cultural studies, as it provides a very useful complementary linguistic and cultural perspective.

Graduates who have studied 'Italian Language and Culture' as a subsidiary subject within their Master's degree are in a good position to take a broad range of career options. Familiarity with Italian culture is an important supplementary qualification in a great many areas of employment, particularly for those positions in business, academia or the public sector with a pronounced European focus. Graduates are well prepared for a broad range of jobs and careers in the publicly funded cultural sector, such as administrative or management positions, work in the media (television, the press, radio), in publishing houses and in educational institutions and academic and scientific organizations.

Course of study Italian Language and Culture
Type of programme Subsidiary subject in a dual-subject programme
Accreditation Quality assurance system accredited by the Accreditation Council
Can be studied as Subsidiary subject in a dual-subject programme
Possible combinations Subject combinations (in German)
Standard period of study 4 semesters
Degree qualification Master of Arts (M.A.)
Languages of instruction German and Italian
Italian language requirements None
Start of programme Winter semester (recommended) or summer semester
Restricted entry No
Application deadline 29.02.2020 for summer semester 2020
For applicants without proof of German language proficiency: 15.01.2020
Where to apply Online application portal (in German)
Tuition fees Not applicable
Semester fee See current fee structure
Study counselling Central Student Advisory Service
Course adviser Contact the course adviser