Graduates from this M.Sc. programme are able to teach business and economics in schools, vocational colleges and other educational institutions in Germany. In addition to acquiring subject-specific expertise in business and economics, students on the programme also take modules in psychology, educational science, and didactics and classroom methodology. Graduates are able to plan and conduct lessons in business and economics in secondary schools, vocational colleges, companies and other institutions in the adult-education sector. They can also be employed as educational consultants and administrators.

The principle aim of the Master's programme in Business and Economics Education at Saarland University is to train teachers for today's modern business studies and economics curricula. Graduating from the M.Sc. programme is regarded as equivalent to passing the first state-supervised examination to become a qualified teacher at a vocational college and entitles graduates to apply to start their in-school probationary teaching period.

Students on the Master's programme "Business and Economics Education" decide whether they want to study to become a teacher at a vocational college or want to pursue a career as an educator in companies in the private sector. Syllabus I is designed for students who wish to pursue a non-school career. The course content in Syllabus I aims to provide students with a deep and comprehensive understanding of business and economics.

Students who want to become teachers take Syllabus II. In this case, a significant amount of course content in business and economics taught in Syllabus I is replaced by courses in another general school subject including modules covering the relevant subject-specific teaching methodologies and didactics. Students can select one of the following general school subjects: Biology, Catholic religious education, Chemistry, English, French, German, Mathematics, Physics, Protestant religious education or Sport.

Course of study Business and Economics Education
Type of programme Consecutive Master's degree programme
Accreditation Quality assurance system accredited by the Accreditation Council
Language of instruction German
Standard period of study 4 semesters
Degree qualification Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Start of programme Winter semester or summer semester
Admission restriction Yes
Application deadline 15.07.2018 for winter semester 2018/19
Where to apply Online application portal (in German)
Study counselling Central Student Advisory Service
Course advisers Contact the course adviser
Web page Department of Economic