The sequencing of the human genome has been one of the most significant scientific advances of the last few decades and could not have been achieved without bioinformatics. Bioinformatics now plays a key role not only in genetics but in many other fields, such as AIDS research and cancer therapy. Saarland University is one of the leading centres of bioinformatics in Germany. The internationally respected Center for Bioinformatics (CBI) on the Saarbrücken campus is home to biologists, medical scientists, pharmacologists and computer scientists who collaborate closely to develop new drugs and to improve and enhance the diagnosis and therapy of diseases. The excellent student-staff ratio – on average there is one instructor to every four students – enables students on the programme to gain early exposure to questions of current research interest.

One of the characteristic features of the M.Sc. programme in Bioinformatics at Saarland University is its aim to encourage interdisciplinary networking by incorporating topics and ideas from contemporary research and by maintaining direct ties to laboratory research being carried out at the university and in industry. Students on the programme address such wide-ranging topics as genetics, drug research, virology, biotechnology and bioreaction engineering. In the informatics part of the programme, students cover such areas as data structures and algorithms, machine learning, computer graphics and database systems, artificial intelligence and software engineering. In addition, students acquire knowledge of other fields such as project management and patent law.

Particularly talented and motivated students are offered the chance to join a dedicated support programme that enables them to graduate early and provides early access to a doctoral research programme. Graduates from Master's programme can pursue a wide range of career opportunities at the interface between informatics and biology. Typical positions are research and development work in industry, in pharmaceutical companies, in the biotechnology sector or in publicly funded research organizations.

"Im Masterstudiengang geht es recht familiär zu..."

Kerstin Lenhof studiert an der Saar-Uni Bioinformatik und arbeitet derzeit am Zentrum für Bioinformatik an ihrer Masterarbeit. Mithilfe mathematischer und bioinformatischer Modelle möchte sie Vorhersagen darüber treffen, ob ein Medikament wirksam ist oder nicht. Dabei arbeitet sie mit Laborergebnissen von Versuchsreihen, die beschreiben, welche Auswirkungen ein Medikament auf bestimmte Zellparameter hat. Auch ihr nächstes Ziel steht bereits fest: die Promotion. Mit dem Web-Magazin "campus" hat sie über ihre Faszination für ein Studium an der Schnittstelle von Lebenswissenschaften und Informatik gesprochen. [mehr...]

Course of study Bioinformatics
Type of programme Consecutive Master's degree programme
Accreditation Quality assurance system accredited by the Accreditation Council
Standard period of study 4 semesters
Degree qualification Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Language of instruction English
English language requirements Level C1
Start of programme Winter semester or summer semester
Restricted entry Yes
Application deadline 15.01.2020 for summer semester 2020
Where to apply Online application portal – Computer Science
Tuition fees Not applicable
Semester fee See current fee structure
Study counselling Central Student Advisory Service
Course advisers Contact the course adviser
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