Key research areas

All research groups within the Department of Computer Science at Saarland University carry out both theoretical and practical research.

The research work being carried out in the fields of multimedia applications and distributed information and communications systems, as well as in a variety of projects concerned with language and image processing is aimed at developing new applications.

The issue of efficiency is a key consideration in research projects examining geometric algorithms, fundamental methods in cryptography and high-performance communications protocols.

The correctness of hardware and software systems is the major goal of research being carried out into the use of program analysis techniques and formal specification methodologies.

Many of these projects also involve the development of complete prototype systems. With opportunities to work as course tutors or departmental assistants, informatics students at Saarland University have numerous chances to become acquainted with research at an early stage of their university education.

A list of current research groups can be found on the Department of Computer Science webpages.

Studying part-time

Students can also apply to study for part of the programme (up to six semesters) as a part-time student. Students must study full-time in the semester in which their final Master's thesis is written.

More information is available on the Part-time studies website (available in German only).