Students on the Master's degree programme 'Media Informatics' must obtain course and examination credits totalling 120 ECTS credits (120 CP).

In the compulsory stage of the curriculum, students must take the following modules:

  • Two core lecture courses (each worth 9 credits) and an advanced lecture course (6 credits) in the field of computer science / informatics
  • A seminar (7 credits) in the field of media informatics or in computer science / informatics
  • A media, art and design project 'MAD project' (8 credits) from the range of courses offered at the Saarland University of Art and Design (HBKsaar)
  • A Master's seminar (12 credits) and Master's thesis (30 credits) in the field of media informatics or in computer science / informatics

In the compulsory elective area 'Media, Art and Design' (MAD) students can either select modules worth a total of 8 credits from the range of courses offered at Saarland's University of Art and Design (HBKsaar) or they can complete a 'MAD project' also worth 8 credits.

The M.Sc. programme 'Media Informatics' also includes compulsory electives in the area of soft skills (6 credits) with modules available covering the areas: tutoring, soft skills seminar or language courses, as well as other activities approved by the Examinations Committee.

Work placement / internship stage

One of the unique features of the 'Media Informatics' programme in Saarbrücken is the compulsory work placement / internship phase (20 credits) and the subsequent work experience seminar (5 credits).

Students normally undertake the work placement / internship phase during the second semester. The work placement or company internship must cover a period of at least 14 weeks and should contain about 600 hours of work experience (1 credit earned for every 30 hours worked). The work placement / internship should be undertaken in a company, organization or research institution that is active in a field of relevance to media informatics. Placements can also be undertaken abroad.

The work placement phase is linked to a work experience seminar where students are required to compile a report on their work placement or internship and to a colloquium in which they document their work experience.

Summary of programme structure
  • Computer Science / Informatics (approx. 26%)
  • Media, Art & Design (MAD) / HBKsaar (approx. 13%)
  • Work experience phase (21%)
  • Soft skills (5%)
  • Master's thesis (35%)