Chemistry is a key science that underlies advancements in such fundamental sectors as energy, materials, environment, health and information technology. Modern synthetic and analytical methodologies are being employed not only to elucidate complex natural metabolic pathways for biotechnology or pharmaceutical research, but also to develop new materials with enhanced mechanical and electrical properties.

The Master's degree programme in Chemistry at Saarland University provides students with a comprehensive overview of the entire spectrum of chemical compounds, their synthesis and properties and provides them with the knowledge and skills to develop innovative solutions to challenging chemical problems. Students develop their expertise in some of the main fields of chemistry by selecting ten compulsory elective modules from a wide range of modules. The M.Sc. programme in Chemistry also provides students with the opportunity to become acquainted with the content and methodologies of neighbouring scientific disciplines.

The Department of Chemistry at Saarland University has a very strong research base. Much of the research work is focused on chemical synthesis and on scientific questions arising at the interface between chemistry and biology, chemistry and biomedical science and chemistry and materials science – particularly the nanosciences. The Master's programme in Saarbrücken prepares graduates for careers in industry, research institutions and public bodies. It also teaches the skills needed by students looking to pursue a doctoral research programme and a career in academia.

Course of study Chemistry
Type of programme Consecutive Master's degree programme
Accreditation Quality assurance system accredited by the Accreditation Council
Language of instruction German
Standard period of study 4 semesters
Degree qualification Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Start of programme Winter semester or summer semester
Restricted entry No
Application deadline 15.01.2020 for summer semester 2020
Where to apply Online application portal (in German)
Tuition fees Not applicable
Semester fee See current fee structure
Study counselling Central Student Advisory Service
Course advisers Contact the course adviser
Web page Department's web page