Research profile

Within the next two years, the research campus will develop a long-term and strategic research agenda that will compound the high interdisciplinarity, the excellent research competence and the existing infrastructure. This will help to develop high-performance materials for innovative products and to design the needed complex processes. Furthermore, the on-the-job continuing education and qualification will be individually tailored for the personnel of the industrial partners.


For the research campus, the areas of application for new materials are found particularly the fields of climate and energy, mobility, health and medical engineering, as well as in safety. Moreover, the quality of products from automotive suppliers should be improved. The key technologies for the research campus are nanotechnology, materials technology and production technology, as well as information and communication technologies.


caMPlusQ will take on and develop special competences in interdisciplinary areas. Currently, the Saarbrücken location is already characterized by diverse research activities in the field of material surfaces and 3D tomography.


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