► What is materials chemistry?

Materials science as a cross-discipline between engineering and natural sciences deals with the understanding and optimization of material properties, chemistry with the synthesis and characterization of new compounds with a focus on the relationship between chemical structure, reactivity and properties.


Materials chemistry produces an understanding of material properties, in particular by creating chemical correlations. This is based on four steps ranging from the design of a material, the synthesis and characterization up to potential applications. While the latter is more about the engineering disciplines, the first three steps are based mainly on chemical and physical principles. One focus of the materials chemistry therefore constitutes the methodical combination of chemical synthesis and characterization together with topics from materials science.


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► The master course "Materials chemistry"

The master program "Materials Chemistry" at the Saarland University is a joint project of the departments of chemistry and materials science and is equally open to bachelor graduates from both disciplines. The course is designed strongly interdisciplinary and research oriented.


In the four-semester master's program 120 credit points have to be collected - over half of them in arbitrary modules. The curriculum is roughly divided into modules with a focus on "Advanced Materials" (eg, nano-composites and polymer materials) and "modern methods" (eg, surface technology, catalysis and material processing), so everyone is able to define his major field of study individually. Special emphasis is placed on practical components that are implemented as composite interdisciplinary internships. These include, for example, in the chemical synthesis of materials followed by characterization with appropriate methods in materials science.


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► Why studying in Saarbruecken?

The cooperation of Materials Science and Chemistry Divisions within the Master's program "Materials Chemistry" at the Saarland University is so far unique in Germany . By the resulting interdisciplinary approach the Saarbruecken materials chemistry enjoy a pioneering position. This is supported by integration of associated institutes in the field of material sciences that are involved through internships and lectures in teaching, such as the Leibniz Institute for New Materials.


In Greater Saarbrücken many companies are located in the area of ​​nanotechnology, so there is the possibility of a research-oriented internship or conducting a thesis in close consultation.


► Leibniz-Institut for New Materials

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