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Online Babysitting Database

The Online Babysitting Database is a free service for parents and babysitters, that aims to offer them a quick and easy way to initiate contact. Students at Saarland University can improve their budget by taking on a challenging job. Parents (students and employees of Saarland University) will find reliable and flexible assistance with childcare.

Students of Saarland University can be admitted to the Online Database as babysitters after a personal interview with a member of the Audit Family Office's team. The Online Database contains information on each individual babysitter regarding their character, interests, and experience with childcare, as well as possible places of care, hours of care, pay, and special skills, such as language skills. The Database can only be accessed by authorized persons via eduroam or VPN.

Parents - students and employees of Saarland University - use this service exclusively and can assess the suitability of the respective babysitter based on their page in the Database without obligation prior to contacting their babysitter of choice. Please also note our information for parents on this page. 

To contact a babysitter, please use the respective form or send an email to All other agreements are made individually between parents and carers.

NEWS: Since not all babysitters are available due to the pandemic situation, please contact the Audit Family Office directly if you need assistance with childcare. Our babysitters have been instructed to comply with hygiene measures, and to only work for a limited number of families. 

The Online Babysitting Database was created as a joint project with the AStA at Saarland University. 

The Online Babysitters Database starts here

Important Note: The Online Database is only accessible via VPN or on campus. 


Informationen für Eltern zu möglichen Betreuungssituationen

Babysitters Wanted!

You would like to earn some money working as a babysitter? Great!

You only have to meet a few simple criteria: 

1. You are a student at Saarland University and you like kids.  :-)

2. You have experience in caring for children. If you do not, you can take the DRK course "Fit for Babysitting" at our expense.

3. You have a liability insurance.

If you meet these criteria, and you would like to be added to our Online Database, you can contact us by sending an email to We are looking forward to meeting you!