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Baby Nursing and Changing Rooms on our Saarbrücken Campus

  • Building A1 3, Entwicklungspsychologie (2. floor)
  • Building A3 1, Katholische Hochschulgemeinde: foldable changing table in the disabled restroom
  • Building A4 4, Campus Center: changing table in the disabled restroom
  • Building B1 1, SULB: changing room in the disabled restroom (EG), nursing and rest room as well as a parent-child study room (1. OG)
  • Building C3 1, Gleichstellungsbüro: changing table
  • Building C5 2, Verteilergeschoss: changing table in the women's restroom
  • Building C5 2, room 3.24.2, Sonderforschungsbereich 1102: changing table and play area. Please book the room in advance: m.kuehne(at)
  • Building C5 4, Sprachenzentrum: foldable changing table in the disabled restroom
  • Building C9 3, Graduate Center: foldable changing table in the disabled restroom (by the conference room)
  • Building D4 1, Mensa: changing table in the restrooms on the ground floor
  • Building E1 1, Informatik: changing table in room U.16 (please ask for the key) 
  • Building E2 5, Mathematik: nursing and resting room in room E.32

Family-friendly Computer Science Department - Baby Play Area

The Computer Science Department provides a play area for babies in room U16 in building E1 1. The key for the room can be picked up in room E13 within the same building. There will also be monthly meet-ups for parents and grandparents. Please contact Prof. Dr. Verena Wolf for further information:wolf(at)