Short-term Care (Kurzzeitbetreuung)

Short-term Care (Kurzzeitbetreuung) for Students and Employees of Saarland University

Employees and students of Saarland University are entitled to a certain amount of hours of childcare per semester that are financially covered by the project “Kurzzeitbetreuung”. Since the project’s financial resources are drawn from funds for academic studies and teaching, this offer applies only if the need for childcare arises due to academia- or instruction-related circumstances (e.g. class attendance, term papers, assignments, etc.).

If parents require short-term care, they should send their request to the Audit Family Office. The Audit Family Office and the AStA connect them to available babysitters through the university's online babysitting database, a service that is exclusively offered to students and employees of Saarland University. The babysitting usually takes place on the university campus. If necessary, the Audit Family Office helps with organizing a suitable place for childcare.

A payment of 10€ per hour is made immediately after the care by the parents. For each childcare agreement, both the parents and the babysitter sign a childcare contract (Betreuungsvereinbarung). After the childcare has taken place, parents forward the childcare contract and the application for reimbursement (Antrag auf Kostenübernahme) to the Audit Family Office and reimbursement will be initiated where adequate.

Short-term Care - Step by Step

  1. Parents send their childcare request to the Audit Family Office.
  2. The Audit Family Office connects them to an available babysitter. 
  3. Parents get in touch with the babysitter to discuss the details of the childcare arrangement. 
  4. Parents and babysitter sign the childcare contract prior to or immediately after the childcare takes place. 
  5. Parents pay the babysitter immediately after the care. 
  6. Parents forward the childcare contract and the application for reimbursement to the Audit Family Office either by email via or by postal mail:
    audit familiengerechte hochschule
    Universität des Saarlandes, Campus A4 4
    66123 Saarbrücken
  7. The Audit Family Office will assess your application and initiate reimbursement where adequate.

Schritt-für-Schritt Anleitung zur flexiblen Kinderbetreuung:

  1. Kontaktaufnahme (möglichst frühzeitig) familie(at)
  2. Warten auf Rückmeldung des Familienbüros mit den Kontaktdaten der Betreuungsperson
  3. Kontaktierung der Betreuungsperson und Absprache der Details
  4. Vertragsunterzeichnung (Betreuungsvereinbarung) bei Beginn der Betreuung
  5. Bezahlung der Betreuungsperson (Vorleistung)
  6. Übermittlung des Antrags auf Kostenübernahme sowie des Betreuungsvertrags an das Familienbüro: familie(at) oder Postanschrift

FlexiMedKids – Short-term Care on the Homburg Campus

FlexiMedKids is a childcare service aimed at students and employees of the University Clinic in Homburg. It is part of the local childcare alliance UniMedKids.