Maternity leave in Germany

Maternity Leave and Job Protection

In Germany, Maternity Protection Act (Mutterschutzgesetz) protects female employees and even students during and after pregnancy. Originally enacted in 1968 and revised in 2018, this law protects pregnant women from any form of discrimination due to pregnancy or childbirth.

Saarland University proudly fullfills its duty to protect and support its pregnant or breastfeeding members. Besides the legally determined  measures it provides a variety of other support and infomation offers. 

Saarland University: Counselling offer for female students and employees

You are pregnant? Congratulations! 

A useful compilation of all you need to know about Maternity Protection has been published by the German Ministry for Family Affairs  Leitfaden zum Mutterschutz (PDF in German - unfortunately not translated yet). If you prefer a print copy: we are glad to provide you with this (and many other interesting materials!) as part of our individual consultation offer at the audit family office (at the moment only by phone/Teams/Zoom). 

Of course your partner or another confidant is invited to join the meeting. For an appointment, just mail us at We are looking forward to meeting you. 

COVID-19 and Maternity Protection Regulations

Please have a look at the Info Sheet on the assessment of the risk COVID-19 poses and its implications with regards to maternity protectionregulations provided by the Federal Office for Family and Civil Society Affairs on April 14, 2020. The information provided is of particular interest to pregnant women and nursing mothers, as well as to their superiors. Further information and additional hints can also be found in the FAQ section.


Loungers for Pregnant Women

Especially towards the end of a pregnancy, carrying a baby can be a tough job for the expecting mother. Therefore, Saarland University has established a special service many years ago:  Pregant employees can have a relax lounger in their office. Please contact Stabsstelle Arbeitsschutz if you want to benefit from such a lounger during the time of your pregnancy.

If your office doesn't provide enough space for one of our loungers, there will soon be another option. We are working on a Diversity Room (building E 1 2, room 0.06) which will - among other assistive technologies - contain a chair for relaxing and breastfeeding. The access will be organized by the Contact Point for Studying with Disability (KSB):   


Counselling with regard to pregnancy and maternity leave

If you don't want to contact us for infomation or if you have further questions, you have a variety of other options. A list of offers in our province is published on Saarland's website  Schwangeren- und Schwangerenkonfliktberatungsstellen" (not all services might be offered in English).