Maternity Protection for Female Students

General Remarks

Dear students, 

A pegnancy often comes with many questions and uncertainties, even moreso if you are still a student. We at the Audit Family Office are happy to offer our consultation services or forward you to external units. 


Announcing Your Pregnancy

In order for the maternity protection regulatons to be applied, you have to inform Saarland University about your pregnancy. In order to do so, please contact the University's Student Services (allgemeines Studierendensekretariat). The information will of course only be passed on to third parties who are responsible for your protection. Usually, this includes the responsible Dean of Studies. Your maternity record (Mutterpass) will usually suffice as proof of your pregnancy. 

Protective measures and maternity leave schemes are very similar to those that apply to pregnant employees


Information for Pregant Students: Voluntary Class and Exam Participation

Since the beginning of 2018, pregnant students are entitled to statutory maternity protection. Unlike pregnant employees, they do however have the option to attend classes and take exams during the maternity protection perids before and after birth if they wish to do so and their health permits it. 

The corresponding form for Saarland University can be found in the Health and Safety Unit's download section. 

Important notice: This option is only intended to prevent or limit any avoidable extensions of the duration of your studies. You are of course free to withdraw your consent at any time if your situation changes. 

By the way: If you would like to calculate your personal maternity leave times, you can use the maternity leave calculators that can be found on the websites of many health insurance companies.