Maternity Protection for Supervisors

Pregnant and Nursing Employees

"...I would like to inform you of my pregnancy."

Upon receiving such happy news, superiors are sometimes uncertain which steps have to be taken and which regulations apply when one of their employees announces their pregnancy. Many deans, professors, or pregnant students might feel the same way. 

The Audit Family Office offers advice and support not only to students and employees of Saarland University but of course also to their superiors, deans, and professors. 

Please feel free to contact the Audit Office if you need information or advice; we are happy to help. For questions and regarding the risk posed by chemical substances or exceptional physical conditions, you should contact the University's Health and Safety Unit. There, you also receive the according forms for risk evaluation. 

The brochure "Employer's Guide to Maternity Protection" provided by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs can be found in our download section.  


Schwangere und stillende Studentinnen

Aktuell verweisen wir Lehrende auf den Leitfaden "Mutterschutz an Hochschulen" in unserem Download-Bereich.

Ausführlichere Informationen in Kürze. 

Pregnant and nursing mothers: Important regulations during the pandemic

Important information can be found in the information sheet provided by the BaFzA and in the according FAQs