Self-service terminals on campus


The following self-service terminals are available on campus:


UdS Card loading terminals will be installed in the foyers of the Mensa buildings in Saarbrücken and Homburg. At these self-service terminals, you can:


Any transfer costs will be borne by the University or the Studentenwerk. Other loading terminals will be installed in the foyer of the university library and in the card-issuing office located in building A4 4 (Campus Center) on the Saarbrücken campus. Loading at these two terminals can only be done using an EC bankcard.


The UdS Card is only valid as a student id card once it has been validated for the relevant semester. The card is read at one of the validation terminals and the semester dates and the VGS logo (that authenticates the card as a semester travel ticket) are printed on the card. The card will only be printed if the semester fee has been received by the University. Student card holders who have been exempted from paying the semester travel ticket fee must have the VGS logo removed from their card at the students’ union office (AStA) and must then revalidate their card at one of the card issuing offices.

Location of validation terminals:

  • Anteroom of Admissions Office in the Mensa building
  • Card issuing office, Bldg. 14
  • Foyer of university library
  • Homburg Mensa

UdS Cards can also be validated by the office staff in the card issuing offices in Saarbrücken and Homburg.


Card holders experiencing problems with their UdS Card can call or visit the Card issuing offices hat have been set up on the Saarbrücken and Homburg campuses.
The card issuing office in Homburg is operated by the Studentenwerk.