The Card

In an effort to further improve the services offered and to simplify and automate administrative procedures, Saarland University plans to issue a new multifunctional chip card at the start of winter semester 2004/2005. However, not all of the wide range of functions planned for the UdS Card will be available immediately..

If you are a Saarland University employee, you will receive your UdS Card free of charge. The UdS Card will be used during the entire period in which you are employed by Saarland University. You must therefore take care of your card and keep it in a safe place.


If your UdS card is lost or stolen, a replacement card will be issued on payment of a charge. If you lose your card, or if it is stolen, it is in your own interest to report the loss immediately to the UdS Card issuing office using the special telephone hotline. The card account will then be blocked immediately to prevent misuse.



  • Do not bend or fold your UdS Card. Avoid applying excessive force or pressure to the card.
  • Do not expose the card to extreme temperatures.
  • Keep your card away from magnetic fields.
  • Keep your card clean. Protect your card from becoming scratched.


The electronic wallett

The UdS Card can be used as an ‘electronic wallet’. Money can be loaded onto the UdS Card by either a cash or EC bankcard transaction. No costs are incurred when money is loaded into the UdS Card electronic wallet

The electronic wallet function on the UdS Card is not compatible with the cash chip on bankcards.


Location of loading terminals run by the Studentenwerk:

Saarbrücken - Entrance area of Mensa, (cash + EC bankcard)
- Foyer of university library  (EC bankcard)
- Card issuing office, Bldg. A4 4 (EC bankcard)
Homburg - Mensa (cash + EC bankcard)


Alternatives to the staff card

If you want to make payments using an anonymous guest card rather than your staff card, you may purchase a separate guest card for this purpose. You may also continue to use your library card in the university library. According to current planning, the UdS Card will be mandatory for staff timekeeping, for driving onto campus, and for accessing secure buildings and rooms.


Students employed by the University

If you are a member of staff, who is also registered as a student, you will automatically receive a student UdS Card. We recommend that you use the student card as this has additional benefits compared to other types of UdS Card. Card functionality does not depend on the type of card. For instance, the authorization permitting staff to drive onto campus, which is stored in the traffic entry control system, can be transferred to the owner of a student UdS Card. The traffic entry control system uses the card number and not the card type for identification purposes.