The basics of academic speaking and writing (presentation and term paper in the academic language German) (for students in Romance Studies)

SupplierISZ Saar (Abteilung studienbegleitende Deutschkurse)
Target groupFrancophone students in the 2nd Master's year, language level C1 or higher
For further information and registrationLSF under 132995

Subject matter

The course focuses on the basics of scientific work and the necessary tools. The special features of German as a language of science and scholarship are taught and how students can use it correctly when speaking and writing in their studies and scholarship.

Another focus is on understanding German as a language of science at the word, sentence and text level. Students learn how to acquire scientific vocabulary and use the special linguistic structures when presenting and writing.

Please note that all contents of the programme are free of charge for students, doctoral candidates and academic staff of Saarland University.