Intersections 2017: Queer / Migration / Legality

The Inaugural Workshop: Commemorating Orlando

A year ago, on June 12, 2016, 49 people were killed and 53 wounded in a shooting in Orlando, Florida. The place where the shooting took place was the Pulse, a gay nightclub, and thus many of the victims
were queer, gay, trans, men or women. That very night, the Pulse was hosting its regular Latin night, and thus the majority of victims were Latinx. The Pulse, a place hitherto considered a safe space by its visitors, was hit by this targeted hate crime and changed forever.

Even though the selected night and this particular place clearly provide indications about the intersecting social categories which were targeted in the shooting, the attack was heavily instrumentalized by many politicians, especially from the far-right. The victims were “whitewashed” and “straightwashed” in order to better serve the political agenda of fueling hate (against Muslims) and fear (of terrorism and islamism). In many political discourses, not only with regard to the Orlando shooting, we can observe populist tactics to incite people of different social categories against each other: women against Muslims, queers against refugees, jobless against migrants, working class against academics, East against West or North against South, and so on. Therefore, we feel the need of an intersectionality perspective on social categories as a tool to deconstruct and overcome this antagonizing tactics and to divert the attention away from fighting each other, but to help take a unified stand against all kinds of discrimination, domination, and oppression.

In order to commemorate the victims of the attack in Orlando, we organize a workshop and meet on 17-18 June 2017 to discuss different academic and activist perspectives on Queer People of Color and Queer migration. We have invited international scholars and activists who will give lectures and presentations, and we will organize a round-table. Just like the Pride events that have developed from riots born as a reaction to violent attacks to joyful celebrations of LGBTQIA* life, we also want to party in the evening as a queer way of commemorating the victims of the Pulse nightclub, and we conclude our event with the party event “The Pulse goes on.”

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