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The Intersections 2019 workshop took place on 29 and 30 July 2019 on the topic of "Stonewall 50: Getting out of the Gender and Sexuality Box."

Day 1 (29 June 2019) - Morning


On Saturday morning (29 June), Petra Stein welcomed all visitors to FrauenGender-Bibliothek Saar (FGBS), and the workshop was opened by Astrid M. Fellner, Eva Nossem, and Si Whybrew. Katharina Kunze, the Equal Opportunities Officer of the City of Saarbruecken (Frauenbüro der Stadt Saarbrücken), extended a warm welcome from the City of Saarbruecken.

In his contribution, Persson Perry Baumgartinger provided an overview of the history of in- and exclusion of Trans_ in the Austrian Regenbogenparade and Pride activism, and encouraged a lively discussion. Erik Schneider, Intersex & Transgender Luxembourg, in his talk entitled "Self-Determination under the Rainbow - an Illusion!?" drew the attention to the situation of trans and intersex persons in Luxemburg with a special focus on children.

Day 1 (29 June 2019) - Afternoon / Evening

Keith Zenga King opened the afternoon program at Nauwieser 19 by givig an impressive talk on Black trans-femminism entitled "Kelele: A Symphony of Dissonance". Lilith Raza followed with a presentation of the project "Queer Refugees Deutschland" on the topic of "Intersectionality and Flight."

An overview and a criticism of the German CSD events and Austrian Regenbogenparade as transnational Stonewall events was provided by Leopold Lippert (University of Vienna) in his talk entitled "Stonewall Sentimentalism," and Robert Schwartzwald (Université de Montréal) concluded the first day with a talk on the Quebecois coming out movie "C.R.A.Z.Y.," which was then screened at Kino Achteinhalb.

Day 2 (30 June 2019) - Podium Discussion


After a joint breakfast at Nauwieser 19, the second day started with a podium discussion on the topic "From Stonewall to Pride, CSD, and Rainbow Parade: Against the heteronormative patriarchal society or straight to the heart of mainstream?"


The podium discussion was led by Prof. Dr. Astrid M. Fellner and Si Whybrew.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to all panelists and to the interested audience, who, with their questions and remarks, have contributed to a lively discussion.

Day 2 (30 June 2019) - Afternoon

The afternoon program started with a talk by Eva Nossem (Saarland University, UniGR-Center for Border Studies) entitled "Femminiello Pride: From Pilgrimage to Protest - and back?," which focussed on the religious folklore and traditions of the femminielli, a third gender in the region of Naples in the South of Italy. Astrid M. Fellner (Saarland University) followed with her talk "'Healing Sexualities': Sovereign Erotics and Two-Spirit Performances," in which she outlined how artists like Kent Monkman bring back to light Native / Indigenous lives and their gender models which were formerly erased by western colonial historiography.

Eliza Steinbock from the University of Leiden concluded the talks on the second day by presenting their book "Shimmering Images: The Transsexual Logic of Cinematic Embodiment."

Day 2 (30 June 2019) - Performance Keith Zenga King

Intersections 2019: Getting out of the Gender and Sexuality Box was concluded with the Performance "Hail Marsha" by Keith Zenga King at Kino Achteinhalb.


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