Applying via uni-assist (Preliminary review documentation)

To obtain preliminary review documentation for your educational credentials you will need to submit a request to uni-assist. Once your application documents have been reviewed, uni-assist will issue a certificate that you must submit when applying to study for a degree programme at Saarland University. Details about submitting a request to uni-assist for preliminary review documentation are set out below.


You will need to pay a handling fee to uni-assist for the preliminary review documentation procedure. Click the following link for fee information. If you are registered refugee, the normal handling fee applies to admission requests.


First you have to apply online to uni-assist for preliminary review documentation (VPD), specifying your desired study programme. Once your academic credentials have been assessed, uni-assist will issue you with preliminary review documentation. You can only apply to Saarland University for a place on a German language course or for a degree programme once you have your preliminary review documentation from uni-assist.

Applications for admission to a German language course or to a restricted-entry degree programme must be submitted to Saarland University with all of the required documents by the following deadlines:

  • 15 July if you plan to start studying in the winter semester
  • 15 January if you plan to start studying in the summer semester.

To ensure that you can submit your application to Saarland University on time, your request for preliminary review documentation must be submitted to uni-assist early enough to allow your request to be processed. We recommend that you submit your academic credentials online to uni-assist about six weeks before the above deadline as this will allow any missing documents to be sent in time for processing. Saarland University will only process complete applications that have been received before the deadline.

Application documents

Starting with the application for the summer semester 2021, it is no longer necessary to submit the documents in paper form by post to uni-assist. You can scan and upload your original documents or officially certified copies. Please note that all certificates must be submitted in the original language as well as in an officially certified translation into German or English.

  • Application for admission (uni-assist online form)
  • School-leaving certificate (higher education entrance qualification) with grades, as well as, where appropriate, the results of the higher education entrance examination that you took in your home country, proof of previous periods of study and any university qualifications with grades.
  • Proof of proficiency in German
  • Complete CV/résumé covering the period from the start of your school education to the date of your application.
  • A copy of your passport

Where to apply

Step 1: You apply for the preliminary review documentation from uni-assist.

Step 2: After receiving the preliminary review documentation from uni-assist, you apply for the German course or for the study programme via the university's online application portal.