Foreign school leaving certificates

Foreign secondary school leaving certificates are generally not treated as being equal to the German Abitur. Information on recognizing foreign education credentials is available at the information portal for recognizing foreign educational credentials (anabin).

HEEQ rating: 'direct access'

If your school-leaving certificate (higher education entrance qualification – HEEQ) was given a 'direct access' rating, you may apply for admission to a degree programme at Saarland University, provided that you can provide proof of proficiency in German. Please note that the type of HEEQ you have may determine whether you can apply to study any subject ('general HEEQ') or only one of a restricted set of subjects ('subject-specific HEEQ'). However, before applying to Saarland University you first need to obtain preliminary review documentation from uni-assist.

If you are applying for higher-level entry to a degree programme, please complete the online application form. Please note that if you apply for higher-level entry to a degree programme, you are not permitted to apply for a place on a German language courses at the International Study Centre Saar.

HEEQ rating: 'higher education assessment test'

If your school-leaving certificate (HEEQ) was given a 'higher education assessment test' rating, you will need to take a separate assessment test (Feststellungsprüfung) in order to demonstrate that you have the requisite academic and language skills for your proposed course of study. Please note that it is not possible to take the higher education assessment test at the International Study Centre Saar. To take the higher education assessment test, you will need to register with a Studienkolleg in Germany. (Note: A Studienkolleg is a higher education preparatory institute).

If you received the HEEQ rating 'higher education assessment test', Saarland University also offers you the option of joining its International foundation programme VSi MINT, which prepares prospective students for a degree in a STEM subject (STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics; the German acronym for STEM is MINT).

German nationals with a foreign school-leaving certificate

German nationals with a foreign school-leaving certificate will need to provide notification that their school-leaving certificate has been formally recognized by the Ministry of Education of the German federal state in which they live or study. In Saarland, formal notification can be obtained from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Important note: The formal notification provided by the ministry may also contain a qualifying remark concerning your German language proficiency. If no such qualifying remark is included, your German will be deemed to be of a sufficient standard for university study. When you apply to have your foreign school-leaving certificate formally recognized, we strongly recommend that you also include all of your language certificates to avoid any such qualifying remark being included in your notification of recognition.