Regular application

If you have a higher education entrance qualification and can provide the relevant certificates, you are free to apply for any academic degree program at Saarland University or at another university in Germany.

Bachelor Programmes

If you are interested in studying a Bachelor's programme, you have to apply first for a so-called Preliminary Review Documentation ("Vorprüfungsdokumentation") via the online platform of uni assist. More information on the uni-assist application can be found on our website for international applicants.
After receipt of the Preliminiary Review documentation (VPD) you can apply on the online application portal of Saarland University. If you do not yet possess the required German language skills, you can choose to apply for the preparatory German course during this second step.


Saarland University offers a programm for applicants with an indirect university entrance certificates: Foundation Programme VSi MINT. To apply for this programme, a preliminary review documentation is required.

Master Programmes

If you are interested in a Master's programme, please contact the respective course adviser to get information about requirements and the application process.

Information and advice

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