General provisions for examinations and assessments

Examinations and assessments requiring personal attendance are now permitted provided that appropriate hygiene and safety measures are in place that effectively prevent coronavirus transmission.

The relevant ordinance issued by the Saarland state government states that from 4 May 2020, any such activity must be conducted in a manner that complies with the hygiene practices recommended by the Robert Koch Institute and with the provisions of the university’s pandemic response plan.

The faculties and departments will therefore be rescheduling previously suspended examinations and assessments so that they can be held at the earliest opportunity and will be contacting the students concerned.

Students who were unable to take scheduled examinations due to the current exceptional circumstances, will not be disadvantaged in summer semester 2020, (e.g. with respect to meeting admission requirements or complying with academic progress checks).

Information on conducting academic examinations and assessments

Deciding on the type of examination or assessment

The type of examination or assessment that can be conducted will depend on the provisions of the relevant subject-specific study and examination regulations. It is important that examination conditions are comparable for all students so that all examinees are treated in the same way.

Examiners may use examination formats other than those provided for in the examination regulations if this has been agreed with the Examination Board. However, this should option should only be used rarely in certain individual cases.