reference to examinations and assessments

Individual written examinations

It is strongly recommended that all individual written assignments (seminar papers, extended essays, project documentation, reports, etc.) should be managed digitally. The assignment should be completed, submitted and assessed using digital resources and without any personal contact between examinees and examiners.


Oral exams

It is strongly recommended that until further notice oral examinations should also be conducted using video conferencing software (with the chat function disabled). If this is not possible, the examination will need to be postponed to a later date.


Written examinations (for groups of students)

At the present time, there is no legally compliant means of conducting written examinations for groups of students by digital means. Examinations and assessments requiring personal attendance are permitted provided appropriate hygiene and safety measures are in place that effectively prevent coronavirus transmission. From 4 May 2020, such activities are allowed provided that they are conducted in a manner that complies with the hygiene practices recommended by the Robert Koch Institute and with the provisions of the university’s pandemic response plan.

Students whose scheduled examinations or assessments have been postponed will not be disadvantaged. If postponing an examination results in students being unable to meet the prerequisites for other more advanced modules in their programme or means that they are unable to register for their final-year thesis, the relevant examination boards must use reasonable discretion to minimize the amount of time lost by students due to the exceptional circumstances arising from the Covid-19 pandemic.