Guidance on using digital content and on conducting academic assessments

Tips and guidance on creating and distributing digital content

Digitizing analogue content

Lectures can be delivered remotely as video recordings. Experience has shown that the simplest approach is to record a PowerPoint slide show with accompanying audio narration (explanatory comments from the lecturer). The method is known to be educationally effective and is typically well-received by students. A video of the lecturer giving the presentation can also be recorded and played via a sub-window on the screen. However, students do not typically regard this as offering any significant additional educational benefits. It is also important to realise that the usual 90-minute format is not suitable for online digital learning. You should therefore aim to break your lecture down into shorter, conceptually-related units with each lasting no more than 15 minutes. Sets of problems with worked solutions are also a useful additional resource for students in some lecture courses Quick start guide on recording a PowerPoint slide show and storing the result as a video file

For advanced users who would like to edit their videos or want to include scene switching with multiple cameras, we have compiled the following reference document summarizing the software tools that offer more advanced recording and streaming settings: Overview of other lecture capture tools


Lectures that involve substantial amounts of writing on a blackboard or whiteboard, as is often the case in mathematics and physics lectures, can be recorded either by directly filming what you write on the board or by using a note taking app on a smartboard, Microsoft Surface or tablet. The following video shows an example of a whiteboard screencast: Using screen capture software to record whiteboard notes.

Please note that the university is unable to provide support for either of these two methods.

Online teaching formats

Microsoft web meeting, with chat option for student questions: Microsoft Teams Tutorial – Setting Up a Meeting (2019)
Microsoft Teams Live-Event - How To: Plan and Run Live Events in Microsoft Teams
Web conferencing using Adobe Connect, with chat option for student questions



How can Office 365 be used for academic teaching activities?

The webinar ‘Using Office 365 in academic teaching’ was recorded on 16 April 2020 and showcases a number of ways that Office 365 can be used in a digital teaching environment. Please note that this content can only be accessed by members of the university with a valid user ID. If you have yet to register with Microsoft, please go to and create an account.

Videos about using Office 365 will be posted in the internal streaming group UdS Office 365 and MS Teams.

If you would like to learn more about using e-learning and online teaching resources, please see the list of webinars and digital training sessions at



Frequently asked questions about Microsoft Teams

If you come across a problem using Teams or Office 365, you can open a support ticket in the HIZ ticketing system.