One-off energy support payment of €200 (EPPSG)

According to the plans currently being developed by Germany's federal government and the governments of the 16 states (Länder), students at universities and specialist vocational training colleges should be able to apply for the one-off payment of €200 under Germany's Energy Costs Relief Act (EPPSG) from mid-March.

Applications will be made online via an application portal provided by the federal government. You will need a 'Bund-ID' account for authentication. When registering for an account you will need to verify your identity either using the online function of your German identity card or an ELSTER certificate (ELSTER: Germany's electronic tax return system). Saarland University will also send an access code to your student email address ( at the appropriate time. Students who are not able to verify their identity using either of the methods mentioned above, will be sent an individual PIN. Here, too, the university will send the PIN to your student email address.

To ensure that your application is submitted as quickly and smoothly as possible, we recommend that you visit the following websites to learn more about the application process.

Please note that applications can only be submitted once this has been officially communicated by the university. Phishing websites encouraging users to submit their EPPSG application online are already being used to deceive users into revealing sensitive personal information. Please be careful and only use those links or websites that have been communicated to you through official trusted channels.