Microtechnology and Nanostructures (B. Sc.)


The interdisciplinary Bachelor’s programme Microtechnology and Nanostructures combines fundamental aspects of physics with engineering sciences and a focus on miniaturization. The programme attaches considerable importance to developing an interdisciplinary approach to understanding and using microfabricated and nanostructured systems.

The programme aims to produce graduates who are capable of working on both theory-driven aspects as well as on practical applications, who can work independently to familiarize themselves with new ideas and techniques, who are able to manage complex technical operations, and who can take on positions of responsibility as the head of a team or working group. Students on the programme acquire good communication skills, learn how to work effectively in teams and how to organize their work efficiently.

The B.Sc. programme offers a broad education in the relevant physical and engineering principles and provides students with an opportunity to deepen their knowledge by selecting advanced modules in areas of special interest. Students also take part in a project seminar. The programme also allows students to take more general supplementary modules and electives such as language courses and economics modules. They can also gain experience by working as teaching or tutorial assistants and participating in the project presentation seminar. Students must also complete an eight-week period of relevant practical training that should, whenever possible, be completed before starting the B.Sc. programme.

Weiterführende Studiengänge

Darüber hinaus ist unter bestimmten Bedingungen (z.B. bestimmte Schwerpunktsetzung im Bachelorbereich, Nachholen einzelner Module u.ä.) der Zugang zu weiteren Masterstudiengängen möglich, z.B. Master in Physik oder Systems Engineering.



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Mikrotechnologie und Nanostrukturen

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Rainer Birringer
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Prof. Dr. Andreas Schütze
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Dipl.-Kffr. Carine Klap
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Dr. Ing. Lutwin Klein
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