Winter semester 2020/21

President's welcome message

University President Manfred Schmitt welcomes all students and employees to the start of lectures (YouTube video with English subtitles summarizing key points).



Regulations applicable initially until March 31st 2021

  • Courses are generally held online until March 31st 2021.
    Exceptions to this are practical skills classes which cannot be carried out in digital format. These include lab courses and practical workshop classes as well as practical classes in degree courses in the field of clinical medicine and smallest working groups (max. 10 participants). Exceptions to this rule further include introductory events and counselling services for first-year students.
  • It is compulsory to wear face coverings within the buildings as well as when participating in courses or exams at all locations of the university. It is strongly recommended to wear face coverings in outdoor areas. In all areas where there is an increased gathering of people outside, including when entering and leaving the buildings and in waiting areas, the face coverings should be used. 

  • If you have been tested positive for COVID-19, you need to notify us immediately by sending an email to coronafall(at) Please state with whom you have last had close contact at the university (e.g. if have you attended a lecture or a practical skills class). Following this link, you can find further information on action to be taken if someone becomes infected with COVID-19. Your infection will of course be treated confidentially! To prevent the further spread of the virus, the university will inform the persons you have been in contact with immediately and anonymously.

  • Please minimize your social contacts and adhere strictly to the hygiene rules at all Saarland University premises!

UdS Corona Ordinance

In the regulations updated for the winter semester on the implementation of the general implementation regulations at Saarland University (Corona regulations) of 15 October 2020, you will find the regulations on the following points:

  • Courses
  • Examinations and academic assessments
  • Oral examinations by video conference
  • stay abroad and work experience phases 
  • Progress checks
  • Retaking examinations
  • standard period of study
  • Fulfilment of requirements
  • Enrolment

Returning to campus safely and responsibly

Against the background of a continuing global pandemic, Saarland University is currently making preparations to safely and responsibly reopen the campus for in-person teaching and learning activities in the winter semester of 2020/2021.

To achieve the aforementioned objective, the University Board has set out three key criteria that need to be met:

  • Any in-person (face-to-face) teaching activities at a Saarland University site must always and without exception guarantee compliance with the hygiene rules as formulated in the latest version of the university’s pandemic response plan. This applies not just to the individual activities themselves, but particularly to the simultaneous implementation of a large number of on-campus teaching activities. Ensuring hygiene compliance will require changes to semester planning procedures and a high degree of consultation and coordination.
  • The university must be ready to return at any time and at short notice to a temporary campus shutdown without having to suspend teaching and assessment activities.
  • The university’s response to the pandemic emergency in summer semester 2020 resulted in numerous technical and educational innovations and improvements. We seek to build on this progress and to use the coronavirus crisis to drive a significant step-up in digital and online teaching activities at Saarland University.