English Linguistics Research Group

Welcome to the English Linguistics research group

We study the English Language in all its manifestations and variants.

Linguistics helps us describe pronunciation, word forms, sentence patterns, meanings and functions of talk and text, and styles of discourse. Here in our English Linguistics research group we are particularly interested in careful analysis of spoken and written discourse. We look at language use in real, everyday dynamic contexts, focusing on its functions of developing and maintaining relationships and personal identity as well as its role in sense-making, organizing behavior and accomplishing goals of individuals, groups and corporations in society at large.

Consequently, we work with real language data, often in the form of large collections of texts called corpora, which we can investigate on a computer. We have our own dataset, which is hosted at Trier University of Applied Sciences - the Corpus of Academic Spoken English (CASE). The corpus is composed of international student conversations via Skype. Our colleagues at the Professorship of English Philology (Linguistics) also host the Saarbrücken Corpus of Spoken English (SCoSE) compiled by former Professor of linguistics Neal Norrick, which contains examples of conversational storytelling, classroom interaction, and jokes. We share our research on spoken and written texts from all varieties of English with colleagues around the world and particularly encourage our students here at Saarland University to get involved in undergraduate and graduate projects in linguistics.

English Linguistics Research Group: Our team

Marie-Louise Brunner, M.A., Doctoral researcher, Saarland University and Trier University of Applied Sciences

Prof. Dr. Stefan Diemer, Research group coordinator, Trier University of Applied Sciences and Saarland University

Caroline Collet, Doctoral researcher, Saarland University and Trier University of Applied Sciences

Our corpus project, CASE

Former Research Group member: Selina Schmidt, now doctoral student at Birmingham City University, UK