Research areas and topics of interest

Current work

  • Variation in translation
  • Language contrasts
  • Discourse phenomena in a multilingual perspective
  • Discourse in (machine) translation
  • Register and genre in translation (including machine translation)
  • Language variation
  • Coreference resolution
  • Annotation of coreference, DRDs and other discourse-related phenomena
  • Corpus Linguistics: tools, techniques and methods
  • Extraction of linguistic data from text
  • Corpus-based translatology

Projects I'm involved in

  • SFB1102, Project B7 'Modelling human translation with a noisy channel' Website
  • Differences in human translation (EAMT Sponsorship of Activities 2021) with Maja Popović (ADAPT, DCU)
  • 'Two targets' - analysing translations from one source language (English-German and English-Russian translations), with Maria Kunilovskaya

Projects I was involved in

Previous research interests


  • Subcategorisation acquisition
  • Computational Lexicography
  • Second Language Learning

Summer Schools:

  • EMA - the 9th Summer School of the European Master in Language and Speech Technology Programms, Stuttgart, Germany, July 21-25, 2008.
  • SLE - Summer School on Linguistic Methodology, Campobasso, Italy, July 16-27, 2007.
  • ESSLLI - 19th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, 6-17 August, 2007.