Wilfried Keller

Building A2 3, Room 0.23,
Tel. +49 (0)681 / 302-3252



  • 12/2015 Diploma (very good) in Mathematics, Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen.
  • 08/2011 Magister Artium (with distinction) in Philosophy and Mathematics, Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen.



  • Since 10/2014 Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter (Graduate Assistant), Chair for Analytic Philosophy (Holger Sturm).
  • WS 2013/14 teaching assignment for an introductory lecture in logic from the linguist department, university of Göttingen.
  • From 2004 to 2014 various assignments as teaching and research assistant in philosophy and mathematics at the university of Göttingen. --> (Details see CV.)


Talks (selection)

  • 11.05.2016 PhDs in Logic VIII, Darmstadt: "Dilution and its Elimination". 
  • 21.04.2016 GradUS Global meeting, Saarbrücken – poster-presentation: "Unity and Diversity in Mathematics and Logic".
  • 02.08.2015 (together with Reinhard Kahle:) Workshop: 'History and Philosophy of Logic Notations', Tallinn, Estonia: "Coloured syntax and semantics".
  • 19.07.2015 (together with Dolf Rami:) Book Symposium with Anthony Everett about his book 'The Nonexistent', Göttingen: "Everett’s critique of Meinongianism".
  • 10.06.2015 (together with Reinhard Kahle:) 4th International Conference on Tools for Teaching Logic, Rennes, France: "Syntax versus Semantics".
  • 26.06.2014 (together with Dolf Rami:) Semantics and Philosophy in Europe – SPE7 in Berlin: "A Pluralist and Uniform Analysis of Incomplete and Referential Definite Descriptions".
  • 18.06.2014 Seminário de Álgebra e Lógica (CMA/FCT), Universidade Nova de Lisboa: "Algebra and logic – some connections leading up to gaggle theory".
  • 12.06.2014 Seminário de Lógica Mathemática – ano XXV, CMAF, Universidade de Lisboa, session # 17: "Display Logic – a short introduction".



  • SS 2016 seminar "Raum und Zeit" - space and time, (university of Saarbrücken).
  • WS 2015/16 seminar "Philosophie der Mathematik" - philosophy of mathematics, (university of Saarbrücken).
  • WS 2015/16 compact course for the educations of high school teachers "Anselm: Proslogion", (LPM Saarbrücken).
  • SS 2015 seminar "Freges Philosophie der Sprache und Gedanken" - Frege's philosophy of thought and language, (university of Saarbrücken).
  • WS 2014/15, seminar "Ludwig Wittgenstein: 'Das Blaue Buch'" - Wittgenstein 'The Blue Book', (university of Saarbrücken).
  • WS 2013/14, lecture "Einführung in die Logik" - introduction to logic, (university of Göttingen).


Various tutorials in philosophy and mathematics, including the following topics: logic, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of science, philosophy of language, epistemology, Kant, Frege and Wittgenstein; linear algebra and analytic geometry, algebra.


Research interests

  • logic and philosophy of logic;
  • mathematics and philosophy of mathematics;
  • philosophy of language and mind;
  • Frege, Hilbert and Wittgenstein.