Barnaby Crook

Barnaby Crook ,
Geb. A2 3, Raum 0.01

I’m a PhD student in the Philosophy Department of the University of Saarland. I completed my B.A in philosophy at the University of Leeds. After a 6-year hiatus from academia during which I taught English in Asia, I moved to Germany to study cognitive science at the Berlin School of Mind and Brain, part of the Humboldt University. I completed my M.A thesis on the topic of explanation in cognitive neuroscience.

My PhD project concerns the use of artificial neural networks as models of cognitive capacities. What does the success of machine learning methods imply for the longstanding philosophical debate between nativists and empiricists? How can the complicated internal structure of artificial neural networks give us satisfying explanations of cognition? How do the formalisms of machine learning methods influence the way we think about minds and brains? My research aims to shed light on these questions. In addition, I am also interested in the philosophy of scientific explanation, the philosophy of biology, and the sociology of scientific practice.

Der Header ist ein Ausschnitt von Hermann Waibels Bild "Lichtfarbe" von 1987. Wir danken Herrn Waibel für die freundliche Erlaubnis, sein Bild zu nutzen.