Ausstattung und Geräte

Sutter Instruments P2000 Micropipette Puller System

The P-2000 is a microprocessor controlled, CO2 laser-based micropipette puller.
Typically, the P-2000 is used for fabrication of micropipettes for intracellular recording, patch clamping, microinjection and micro perfusion. Due to the laser based heating, the P2000 can melt quartz as well as glass rods and capillaries.
We use it to fabricate quartz Atomic Force Tips. We reach an end diameter of around 100 nm. We also pull Quartz Capillaries with an inside diameter around 4 µm.


High Temperature, Vacuum Annealing Oven

This home-built  annealing oven is composed of a boraelectric heater (HTR-1001, Tectra) inside a vacuum chamber. We use a turbo-pumping system (T-Station 75D, Edwards).

The oven allows annealing of small samples (maximum sizes: 20mm diameter, 4mm of thickness) at high temperature, tested: around 850 C°, in high vacuum (2*10-6 mBar).