Career Opportunities for Researchers in France

Career Opportunities for Researchers in France


– From Job Identification to Application

Are you thinking about collecting work experience abroad? Are you interested in working as a young scientist in France? If so, this workshop is made for you!

Applying for a job in France is not a sole question of adapting your CV to French customs. Although it is important to know the cultural differences between German and French CVs, writing your CV is "only" the last step of the application process.

In other words, taking some time to reflect on yourself and obtaining information on the French job market for researchers are the first actions you have to undertake if you want to be efficient in your applications.

You will therefore receive information and tools on the following topics:

  • understanding the recruitment process in France
  • reflecting on one's values
  • exploring the French job market (open and hidden)
  • self-branding and writing a French CV.

An optional follow-up appointment can be arranged to check the final version of your personal French CV.

This workshop for doctoral and postdoctoral researchers is offered in English as a cooperation between GradUS and the doctoral programme INTERDOC.


Workshop Information

:  Friday, 13th June 2014

: 13.30-17.30 hrs.

: Building A2 4, room 2.16, SRIIb

: none

: see information in the top-right corner (max. 8 participants, max. 4 via GradUS)



  • For each PhD student, participation in the GradUS workshops is sponsored with 50 € per semester by the presidium of Saarland University, which are considered when calculating course fees.

  • Participation in every workshop is certificated. Towards the end of your PhD, you can also get a GradUS certificate for all GradUS workshops that you took part in.

  • Childcare can be provided for doctoral researchers with children for the duration of a particular GradUS event at no charge (see website "Kinderbetreuung").

  • Deduction from income taxes: We recommend trying to deduct the fees for the GradUS workshops from the German income taxes that you might have to pay (costs for advanced training measures).


Bérénice Kimpe
, ABG-Intelli'agence, Paris. Since 2009, Ms Kimpe offers various programmes for PhD students and young scientists to support their training, professionalization and employment in laboratories, public institutions and companies in France, Germany, and other countries.