Communication at Conferences: Presenting and Networking

Communication at Conferences: Presenting and Networking

Workshop for international doctoral candidates

This is a two-day workshop with two different focuses. On the one hand, presentations will demand our attention. Doctoral researchers who already have a good level of experience in presenting their research are invited to give a presentation in front of their fellows. Each presentation will be followed by a discussion slot and an intense 360-degree feedback (based on a 12-Parameter Model) given by their peers and the trainer.

On the other hand, we turn our attention to that which happens beyond presentations. Participants learn conferences provide not only the opportunity to present their work, but also themselves. Communication in professional forums is often decisive for future career options.

This workshop helps the doctoral candidates to meet people with an attitude that is both adequate and self-confident, in a variety of conference situations, e.g. "socials". Both verbal and non-verbal strategies will be considered.

After the workshop, participants are able to plan professional gatherings in advance and feel more comfortable in the social setting of their academic community. More importantly, they are able to set their own goals when attending conferences – and to develop concrete strategies of achieving them.

This workshop is offered in English specifically to international doctoral researchers at Saarland University as a collaboration between GradUS and the International Office as part of their joint "GradUS international" programme.


Workshop Information

:  Thursday/Friday, 3rd and 4th July 2014

: 9.00-17.00 hrs. (both days)

: Building E1 7, room 0.08

: 70 Euro (minus GradUS credit; see below)

: see information in the top-right corner (max. 10 participants)



  • For each PhD student, participation in the GradUS workshops is sponsored with 50 € per semester by the presidium of Saarland University, which are considered when calculating course fees.

  • Participation in every workshop is certificated. Towards the end of your PhD, you can also get a GradUS certificate for all GradUS workshops that you took part in.

  • Childcare can be provided for doctoral researchers with children for the duration of a particular GradUS event at no charge (see website "Kinderbetreuung").

  • Deduction from income taxes: We recommend trying to deduct the fees for the GradUS workshops from the German income taxes that you might have to pay (costs for advanced training measures).


John Kluempers, Ph.D.
, native English speaker, studies in German Linguistics, Ph.D. in Linguistics at the UCLA. Dr. Kluempers has taught German and English communication at universities for a decade. In addition, he worked as a news and sports broadcaster for Deutsche Welle's English service. Since 2010, he is head of the division "Scientific Presentation" at textATRIUM (Bonn).