Opening Ceremony

Opening ceremony for Saarland University's new Graduate Centre

Saarland University will soon open its new Graduate Centre as a building in which young scientists will be able to work and organise meetings or small conferences. The opening ceremony for the Graduate Centre aims to bring together young and advanced researchers from all disciplines according to the motto "Science and Humanities in the Digital World".

The ceremony will promote and substantiate the idea that interdisciplinary and/or transnational research collaborations can generate innovative research projects or even put forth new innovations that are launched as concrete applications in society. Moreover, the ceremony shall address the typical lives of young researchers by providing them with a guide on "how to survive their PhD".

Detailed programme of the opening ceremony

  • From Research to Successful Products - the Difficult Way of Innovation (Prof. Dr. August-Wilhelm Scheer)
  • Language - Text - Information (Prof. Dr. Elke Teich)
  • Don't Panic - the Doctoral Researcher's Guide to Surviving your PhD (Dr. Jilles Vreeken)
  • sponsored BBQ with live music


Partner organisations: GradUS (project "GradUS global") and Saarbrücken Graduate School of Computer Science


Information on the event

:  Monday, 15th June 2015

: 11.00-15.00 hrs. (incl. barbecue and live music)

: Graduate Centre, building C9 3 (download map)

: see information in the top-right corner (max. 80 participants)

As a follow-up of the opening ceremony, a two-days workshop in September 2015 (see page 12 for further details) will teach the foundations of "Innovation Management". For that purpose,  the participating doctoral researchers will generate their own innovative ideas for new R & D projects in interdisciplinary networks of young scientists from Science, Humanities, and Informatics.