Academic English

Academic English

The idea behind this workshop is to offer you an opportunity to enhance your written and oral skills in Academic English to help you progress in your career. Doctoral researchers from all fields are invited to participate. 

During the workshop, we will discuss individual questions and issues, ranging from written text production and different text type conventions to oral presentations skills, grammar, and vocabulary. We will investigate academic texts in English, focusing on different features, for instance style and register, to develop an understanding of how to write and communicate more effectively in English. 

You will produce different texts of your choice and you will benefit from a genuine and constructive feedback from the group in an informal working atmosphere. You are encouraged to participate actively and expected to attend regularly. You are also encouraged to think of questions related to your work, and to share these with us during the workshop meetings.

This workshop is sponsored by the DAAD project "GradUS global". 

Information on the event

:  always on Mondays, 15th/29th May, 12th June, 
           3rd/31st July, 14th August 2017

Time: 15.00-18.00 hrs. (except on 3rd July: 11.00-14.00 hrs.)

Venue: Graduate Centre, Building C9 3 (see location plan)

Fee: none

Registration: see information in the top-right corner 

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Dr. Gerardine Pereira received her doctorate degree in English linguistics from Saarland University in 2014. Her research interests include the study of spoken language, gesture, and gaze. In 2012, she was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to the University of Chicago. Gerardine currently works as a teacher for English and German at secondary schools in the Saarland.