Shaping the PhD supervision process

Shaping the PhD supervision process: chances and obligations of international PhD students in Germany

Doing a PhD in Germany as an international doctoral researcher faces you with various challenges in everyday scientific work. Also the supervision process itself might be challenging as well. Therefore, it is important to reflect on the supervision right from the beginning of taking up a PhD.

This workshop aims at reflecting together on central questions connected with the supervision process by discussing examples and applicable tools:

  • Building a relationship with the supervisor: What would be necessary for me as an international PhD student to efficiently work on the dissertation? What do and what can I expect as support from my supervisor here in Germany? What is his/her role in the supervision process and what is my role? What am I responsible for? 
  • "Pitfalls" of intercultural communication
  • Special aspects of scientific supervision (language competences, expectations on good scientific practice, different working cultures, individual work “needs” – assets and weaknesses)

This workshop is sponsored by the DAAD project "GradUS global". 

Information on the event

:  Monday, 22nd May 2017

Time10.15-13.00 hrs. (plus free BBQ catering for lunch thereafter)

Venue: Graduate Centre, Building C9 3 (see location plan)

Fee: none

Registration: see information in the top-right corner 

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Dr. Frank Meyer from Trier University, head of the Graduate Center, thematic focal points: PhD supervision, getting started/first steps into the PhD process, individual counselling for PhD candidates.


Dr. Agnes Schindler from Trier University, coordinator for scholarships and study-related stays abroad, thematic focal points: individual counselling for PhD candidates, individual counselling with regard to study and research stays abroad, coordination of exchange programs with Asian partner universities.