Find a job in Germany's industry

Find a job in Germany's industry

A stable economy, good salaries and a variety of interesting jobs attract international specialists to work in Germany. However, the application process is governed by the typical German correctness and formality. To know the rules and requirements is essential for finding a job. This workshop provides you with the necessary information you will need when applying particularly for positions outside academia.

On the first day you will learn how to target your search for future employment, and where you can look for vacancies. Moreover, explanations and practice about the meaning of typical phrases in job advertisements will be given. In the second part you will find out how to apply for a job properly. You will learn to write your cover letter and CV, and to optimally adapt your application to the job description. Subsequently, we will discuss typical starting salaries and practice a calculation method you can use for your salary requests.

On the second day you will receive general information about the interview structure, suitable clothing and salary negotiation strategies. Moreover, you are introduced to typical questions asked and ways of answering them while avoiding common mistakes. You will also practice introducing yourself. Finally, you will receive an overview of the current situation regarding work permits and conditions.

Target group: Doctoral researchers who are looking for a job outside academia within the next 12 months.

This workshop is sponsored by GradUS, the DAAD project "GradUS global" and the STIBET programme at the International Office.

Information on the event

: Monday/Tuesday, 3rd/4th June 2019

Time: 9.30-17.00 hrs. on both days

Venue: Graduate Centre, Building C9 3 (see location plan)

Fee: 80 Euro (less GradUS credit; see below)

Registration: see information in the top-right corner (max. 12 participants)

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Heidi Störr, career consultancy "Push Your Career". Of particular interest to her is the support of international specialists who want to find a job in Germany by offering group seminars and individual advice. Moreover, she is a consultant for organizations that support foreign employees and companies that want to recruit foreign skilled employers.