Find a Job in Germany‘s Industry (online workshop)

Find a Job in Germany's Industry – Job Search, Applications & Salaries


Module “Job Search”

How to find jobs & analyse job ads.

  • Active and passive job search strategies
  • Identifying key requirements in job ads

In this workshop module, you will understand how to target your search for future employment, and where you can look for vacancies. You get to know various options of job databases and activities to come into contact with employers. You will learn the meaning of typical phrases in job advertisements and identifying “must” and “can” criteria.

Module “Application Documents”

How to write a perfect application & estimate your chances.

  • Content and design of an application
  • Estimation of chances of success

In this workshop module, you will understand how to write your cover letter and CV, and how best to adapt your application to the job offer. You will see examples for a professional application design and photos. Moreover, you will get advice for your certificate selection and receive important hints for your application phase in general. Finally, we will discuss in which cases it is worth a trial to submit an application although you do not fulfil all criteria of the job ad.

Module “Starting Salaries”

How to define an adequate salary.

  • Calculation method for starting salaries

In this workshop module, you will get to find out everything about typical salaries for job starters and criteria which can influence the salary. We will practice a salary calculation method you can use to determine a salary for a specific position.

Intended Audience: International and German Doctoral researchers and postdocs who plan to start applying in the next 12 months and have little application experience.

Information on the Event

Date and Time:

  • 13th July: 09.30-11.15 hrs. & 14.00-15.00 hrs. (Module “Job Search”)
  • 14th July: 09.30-11.15 hrs. & 14.00-15.00 hrs. (Module “Application Documents”)
  • 14th July: 17.00-18.00 hrs. (Module “Salaries”)

Venue: Online workshop on your own computer/laptop 

Fee: 70 € (minus GradUS credit of 50 €, see below)

Number of participants: max. 12 participants

Privacy: The online workshop will be conducted with the platform ClickMeeting. ClickMeeting is committed to comply with the GDPR (DSGVO). With your registration you agree with the privacy policy of ClickMeeting which can be found here:

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Heidi Störr, Career Consultancy “Push Your Career”. After her graduation in business studies she worked for several companies as a Recruiter. Since 2012 she offers advice for German and international academic graduates. With her seminars she provides an introduction to most central aspects of starting a career in Germany. For more details visit: