Intercultural Competence in Scientific Communication (online workshop)

Cross-cultural or intercultural communication can be considered one of the key elements for a successful career entry in institutions, organisations, companies and the field of research and teaching. Cultural differences and characteristics in communication can be an obstacle or a benefit to successful cooperation.

This workshop will take a closer look at the basics of cross-cultural communication as a key competence in higher education. Drawing on the classics as well as current and new approaches, we will obtain an overview of the theoretical and practical aspects of intercultural competence regarding scientific communication. Themes will also include critical reflections of organizational behavior and intercultural psychology. The latter will be the basis for intercultural activities to practice successful interaction and cooperation. With the help of case studies and practical exercises, the workshop’s content will be examined in depth and reflected through an application-oriented approach.

Information on the Event

Date: Friday, 17th July 2020 (kick-off video conference meeting) and several flexible online tutorials

Time: 9.00-10.00 hrs.

Venue:  Online workshop on your own computer/laptop 

Fee: none

Number of participants: max. 20 participants

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Dr. Thomas Schmidtgall, deputy head of the Key Competencies Programme at the Center for Lifelong Learning from Saarland University with a personal focus on intercultural competence; experiences with various international projects. Dr. Schmidtgall studied French Cultural Studies and Intercultural Communication, Spanish Literature and Linguistics as well as Business Administration in Paris, Saarbrücken and Barcelona and holds a PhD in Cultural Studies/Intercultural Communication.